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War and the Child

exhibitions + portal + campaign
Khadijeh Moghaddam & Dan Arenzon

- in pre-production -

We are looking for texts written by children and teens who experience wars and social violence in first person to present them in street exhibitions in three continents. Their voices confront the passivity with which media and society have learnt to accept wars as inevitable.

The exhibition pieces are displayed in standard shopfronts of businesses and organizations. Each window combines a text written by a child living in a war zone with an original image. The choice of image and text is a shared creation between the artist and the hosts. The resulting art work symbolizes the joint efforts needed to resolve the conflicts that affect more than 700 million children.

The Portal
 - gathers all texts in their original language with translations to English, German and Spanish
 - has an interactive world-map showing which countries are in war and which sell weapons
 - contains an image of every shopfront with extended information about the host
 - networks and gives visibility to organizations and activists who fight for human right and oppose wars

The Campaign
The war industry supports media, governments and disinformation, please share our call for texts and our site.

War and the Child combines the experience of Khadijeh Moghaddam, peace activist and Dan Arenzon, artist, to make the voices and stories of minors under violence visible and to develop new ways to stop this international infanticide.

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